Mixed Affective States and the Fundamental Challenge of Persuasion

In this project, we highlight affect’s key role in motivation and illustrate the utility of using Latent Profile Analysis as a means to identify the four distinct affective states we argue are relevant to motivation. In our first paper, we argue that mixed affective states, which are often simply ignored by others as ‘noise,’ are a common and important state that deserves careful study in its own right. We draw on our own data and the data of others to show that people in these states behave very differently than those in the traditional states studied in political psychology. See the slides from our recent presentation at APSA 2019 for an overview of our current working paper on this topic, and email to request a copy of the paper.

Project collaborators/co-authors: Christopher Karpowitz, Haley Denler, Amanda Gach, Savannah Henshaw, Preston Hughes, Marina Lukowski, Katy Smith

Joshua Gubler
Associate Professor of Political Science

Joshua Gubler is a comparative political psychologist studying intergroup cooperation and conflict, affect, emotion, persuasion, and motivation.